— River Bottom Retrievers has multiple training plans to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a hunting dog, hunt test competitor or simply a well behaved family pet, we strive to make both you and your dog happy.


Obedience Training

This service is offered to any Large Breed dog with owners that are not interested in hunting. This is a 4-6 week program where your dog will learn basic obedience commands (heel, here, sit, stay and kennel) on and off lead. This program is designed so you will have a controlled pet that is an even more enjoyable part of the family.

Basic Gun Dog Training

This is a 4 month training program to get your dog ready for opening day.

Month One: This month is where we will evaluate your dogs natural retrieving desire and build on that natural ability for future success in the field. Month one is also where your dog will go through basic obedience (heel, here, sit, stay, and kennel) on and off lead. Your dog will also be introduced to land and water retrieves, birds, other dogs, gun fire, etc... by the end of the first month.

Month two: During the second month your dog will go through collar conditioning, more obedience, and Force Fetch. During this process your dog will learn to fetch and hold on command as well to deliver to hand. This month lays the ground work for all future training.

Month three: In the third month your dog will work on steadiness (not leaving for a retrieve until command is given) and introduction to doubles on land and water.

Month Four: During the fourth month we play hunting! Your dog will retrieve on land and water in hunting type situations. There will be more concept put into each mark as well (more cover, crossing ditches, land water land retrieves, etc..) We will use duck calls, gun shots, decoys, birds, multiple people and dogs to simulate a typical duck/dove hunt. At the end of this month your dog will be ready for opening day and also be ready to start running hunt tests (Started/Junior).

Intermediate Gun Dog Training

This is a 3+ month training program offered to dogs that have completed the Basic Gun Dog Program.

During this program your dog will begin hand signal training along with learning other retrieving concepts. This includes pile work, stopping on whistle command, and basic hand signals. Also during this program your dog will learn to do walk ups, diversions, and more difficult and longer retrieves on land and water. At the end of this program your dog will be that much more efficient in the field, be able to complete double retrieves out to 75+ yards, run blinds out to 75 yards and have all the tools for Seasoned/Senior level hunt tests.

Advanced Gun Dog Training

This program is designed to create the dog all hunters are looking for. During this program your dog will be fine tuned on all the commands from previous training programs along with even more added difficulty and concept in each marked retrieve or blind he/she will run. At the end of this program your dog will be expected to be able to run triple retrieves out to 100+ yards and be able to run 100+ blinds. This program will have your dog ready for Finished/Master level tests and anything you will encounter in the field or in a duck blind.

Tune Up

River Bottom Retrievers also offer a preseason Tune Up. This is generally a month of training to get a dog back on track after sitting at the house all summer. This is offered to any dog that has completed any of our Gun Dog Training programs.